Frequently Asked Questions


Q: – How do I register?

A: Its quick and easy and takes 2 minutes.

Simply click the ‘Register’ tab and choose a Username and enter your email address and you will automatically be sent an access password to your email. Use this with your Username and you will be able to start using the website. If you do not receive the email in just a few minutes please check your spam folder as some email addresses may mistake the automated emails as junk

Q: – Is my personal information secure?

A: – We understand the importance of security when entering personal information online. To protect your information whilst registering we at use encryption to secure your data. Whilst registering and signing in, you’ll notice the address changes to begin with https:// – this shows that SSL encryption is working.

Q: – Who can see the information I enter when I register?

A: – We take your privacy very seriously and comply fully with the terms set out in the Data Protection Act. Full details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

When you register with, your details are made available to securethatjob’s service contractor.

When you apply for a job on, your profile information can be viewed by the service contractor and shown in their account.

In addition, your specialist field can be searched by area for the service contractor to find you

Q: Do I have to pay any commissions from my work?

A: You will be charged a very nominal amount of 7.5% only from the wages earned from jobs completed and cleared by the service contractor / recruiter.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Before the job starts the funds are taken from the Service Contractor / Recruiter. When the job has been completed by you (the Service Provider) and confirmed by the contactor the funds will be released to you instantly.

Q: – How do I change my email and password?

A: – Click on your name at the top of any page when you’re signed in and then select ‘Account’. You can change your sign in details by clicking the ‘Change email address’ or ‘Change password’ links.


Q: – How can I update my profile?

A: – If you are on a desktop, you can update your profile by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of any page when you’re signed in and selecting ‘Profile’. If you are on tablet or mobile, click on your name in the top right hand corner.

Why is it important to keep my profile up-to-date?

When you apply for jobs, your profile information will be available to the service contractor / recruiter. To ensure recruiters can find relevant jobs for you, it’s important to keep this information up to date.

Q: – What information is in my profile?

A: – Information you provide when registering with is saved in your profile. Your profile includes:

  • user name
  • Your home town and preferred work locations
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Your photos
  • Your weekly work availability
  • Current and target job titles
  • Your personal statement
  • Your skills
  • Whether you have credentials and certification/licensing like SIA badge or first aider
  • Salary or Hourly Work Rate details for your next role
  • Your work history
  • Your qualifications
  • Languages
  • Your sign in details and contact preferences can’t be seen by the Contractors. If you would like to see how your profile is displayed to recruiters, go to ‘View Your Profile’.

Q: – How can I control which emails I receive alerts for?

A: – If you go to your contact preferences under ‘Edit Your Profile’, you can choose which job and in which area you’d like to receive alerts  for and then click ‘Save changes’.

Q: – The jobs you email me aren’t what I’m looking for, how can I update them?

A: – If you are on a desktop, you can update your email alerts by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of any page when you’re signed in and selecting ‘Saved searches & email alerts’. If you are on a tablet or mobile click on the side menu in the top left corner and select ‘Saved searches & email alerts. From the saved searches page, click ‘Edit’ on any saved search you wish to edit.

Q: – I can’t sign in. What’s wrong?

A: – To sign in, you need to be registered with

If you can’t remember your password, select ‘Forgotten your password’. You will be asked to enter the email associated with your account and we will send you an email containing a link to reset your password. In case you clicked ‘Forgotten your password’ and were redirected to our registration form, you do not currently have an account with us.

If none of the steps above help, you may be experiencing problems with cookies and may need to enable cookies or clear your cookies and cache.

Q: – How can I deactivate my account?

A: – If you no longer want to receive emails from us and want to stop contractors from being able to view your profile on, you can deactivate your account.  In order to do this, please go to your account settings and select ‘Deactivate my account’. Your profile and personal preferences will be saved. To reactivate your account, use your email address and password to log in.

If you would like us to permanently delete your account, please contact and select ‘Delete account’. Please note: your profile, account details will be permanently deleted, so if you decide to come back to in the future you’ll need to re-register and create a new profile. If you would prefer to keep your account, but not to receive emails or allow contractors to view your profile temporaly, please deactivate your account or change your contact preferences.


Q: – How do I Get Started? (Searching for Jobs)

A: – If you know what you’re looking for, our simple keyword search is the best place to start. Simply enter a job title, skill or qualification and a location in the ‘Find a job’ search panel, located at each page on the website and click on the “search jobs” button.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you may prefer to explore opportunities. You can view our jobs via location under ‘All Locations’ or by each job professional field under ‘All Job Categories’

If you have a account, you can view jobs recommended to you, within your preferred industry sectors, on your homepage. Simply sign in to and visit the homepage.

Q: – What are CREDITS?

A: – Credits are the websites currency. You buy CREDITS from the ‘SHOP’ to access features for the website. Such as: –

  • Apply for a Job = 1 CREDIT
  • Post a job = 2 CREDITS
  • Post Featured Service = 3 CREDITS
  • Post a Featured Job = 4 CREDITS


A: – Register an account as a Service Contractor and you will be able to post jobs. You can also choose to feature your job which will post it on the main homepage of job searches so it will be seen by the most amount of potential candidates.

Q: – What are SERVICES and how do I create them

A: – Once you create your MAIN PROFILE then you are able to create a SERVICE. A SERVICE is a profile for the job skills you can perform. You can explain in detail what specialist job role you can provide. You can have as many SERVICES as you need. So for example, if you are a DOOR SUPERVISOR and can also be a CCTV OPERATOR you would have –

  • and one SERVICE profile for CCTV OPERATOR.

Q: – What are RATINGS?

A: – For all work completed, the employer can rate your performance and you can rate how your experience was working for the employer / Service Contractor. Overall your rating will build up. The better your rating the higher you will rank in searches and the more people will want you to work for them or work for you

Q: – How can I make my search results more relevant?

A: – Once you’ve run a search on, you might find there are too many jobs to review every one. In this instance, you can use the advanced search filters on the left hand side of the page to narrow down your results.

Changing one of the criteria on the left hand side of the page will automatically update the search. To start again and run a different search, you can use the ‘Find a job’ panel at the top of the page.

Q: – How can I make the most of keyword searching?

A: – Keyword searching finds words and phrases contained within a job’s title and description. To run a more detailed keyword search, you can use the following rule to build your search this means that all words or phrases must be in the job title or description, e.g. dog handler, cyber secuity

Q: – I don’t have time to apply now. Can I save jobs to apply for later?

A: – Save jobs by clicking ‘Watch List’ next to any job on the search results page or on the job details page.

The jobs can then be found by clicking ‘Watch List’ at the top of the page. If you’re signed in, the jobs will be saved to your account and you could view them from other devices. If you’re signed out, they’ll only be saved on the computer and browser you’re using.

You can email yourself a list of saved jobs to remind you to apply later by clicking ‘Email these jobs’ on the Watch List jobs page.

Q: – What happens after I apply for a job on

A: – Once you’ve applied for a role, you’ll be directed to a page confirming that your application has been sent to the service contractor. You’ll also receive an email from us confirming that your application has been sent. to the employer or recruitment consultant who is handling the vacancy.

Q: – How can I withdraw an application?

A: – If you decide, after applying for a role, that it isn’t quite right for you, you can easily withdraw your application.

To withdraw an application, simply:

Sign in, click your name in the top right hand corner of any page, and click ‘Jobs applied for’. On tablet and mobile this can be found in the side menu on the top left corner.

Find the job for which you’d like to withdraw your application

Click ‘Withdraw application’, and confirm


Q:  I’m having problems viewing

A: – If you’re seeing an error page that tells you your browser can’t connect to the website, there may be a problem with your connection to the internet. You can check whether your internet connection is working by visiting If you still get the same error message, you should contact your internet service provider.

If you can see other sites, but not, then there may be a problem with your cookies and you may need to enable cookies or clear your cookies and cache.

Also, if your web browser is having trouble showing the site you can try using an alternative browser like Google Chrome or the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q:  Is my browser compatible with

A: – has been designed to work in all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android Browser, Safari and Opera. no longer supports Internet Explorer 6. If you’re using Internet Explorer 6, we strongly recommend you upgrade your browser to a newer version of Internet Explorer or download an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Q: I’ve found an inappropriate job on your site, how can I report it?

A: -If you’d like to report a job to a member of customer support team, you can do so in one of two ways:

If you’ve already applied for a recruiter’s job, click your name in the top right hand corner of any page when you’re signed in, and click ‘Jobs applied for’. You can then click ‘Actions’ and then ‘Report a problem’.

If you haven’t applied for the job yet, click the ‘Report this job’ link below each job description enabling you to report the job.

If you provide contact details, customer support team will respond to your enquiry as so as possible.

Q: How do I get my SIA Badge?


Q: What do I do if my licence is lost, stolen or damaged?

A: You must report it to the SIA If your licence has been stolen you should report the theft to the police, obtain a crime reference number from them and forward the police report to the SIA with a signed covering letter. If your licence has been lost you should write in explaining the circumstances of the loss – your letter must be signed. If your licence has been damaged you should return the licence to us with a signed covering letter.